Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer, Work, Bake sale?

Summer here, has not really been all that great so far,
the weather has been humid and rainy
and with our still fairly new puppy (about 8 months old)
we haven't had time to go out and do very much.
Not to mention the fact that we're both unemployed.
(I was SUPPOSED to have a job, but you know how employers are,
soooooo unreliable!)

Solution: we are going to have a bake sale
...a traveling bake sale. (:

Right now, this is just an idea that still needs to
be formed and planned and finally executed.

We thought it would be a lot of fun to spend time together
cooking up some tasty vegan treats, and then selling them
of course, to make a little bit of money (;

Our parents are having a garage sale sometime soon,
so our bake sale will start there,
and then move to other places around town.

I'm really excited to plan all of this,
(especially the part about testing out a bunch of recipes)
and to see people's reactions to VEGAN sweets.
-I'm sure there will be a lot of skeptical people

In other news,
I've been practicing photographing food, animals and people,
(unfortunately not with a spiffy high grade camera)
so I can start getting some scrap books and such together (:

A picture REALLY is worth a thousand words

tsk tsk bad puppy!
-She's so cute though!

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