Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've surprisingly been keeping myself busy considering the fact that
I haven't really left my house in the past couple of weeks.
I've been baking, I've been re-arranging my books and such,
cutting my hair and going shopping for some summer clothes.

Although I HATE not having a job (because of lack of money)
it is kind of nice to have no responsibilities, and no where that
I absolutely have to be.

Plus, I'm a big optimist (and slightly lazy), so I've always been
confident that opportunities will fall in my lap. haha
Now that doesn't always play out the way I would hope,
but a couple of days ago the Boyfriend told me that one of
his classmates would buy cupcakes from me for one dollar a piece. (;
He's going to try out just chocolate and vanilla ones first,
and if he likes them (is that even a question?) he will try different kinds
and get more. (: WOOHOOO!!
So tomorrow will be cupcake baking day....
yes, I made more cupcakes this week,
plain old vanilla, but with chocolate and plain cream cheese frosting
inspired from the recipe in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.
YUMMMMM!!! Best ones so far!

While on the subject of sweet things,
I made Veganyumyum's killer pancakes
with a twist this morning for Jenny and I.
I made some blueberry ones, chocolate chip ones, and cinnamon ones.
SOOOOO goood!!

Now for a picture of something HEALTHY I ate today,
just so no one can call me out on my huge sweet tooth (:

Mmmmm! Grapefruit!

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